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May 05 2016


Themes or Templates


For many people, using the saying Themes and Templates is synonymous, especially inside the Weebly 3rd party (themes/templates) developer community however Blue Sky Themes see things slightly different. - weebly premium themes and templates


As we see it a layout dictates the design and elegance of your website. A topic includes the primary essentials, such as a navigation style, font types, colors, and interactive web elements that lead to the entire aesthetics appear and feel of an premium theme. Your theme helps to reflect a presence using your website so it helps to boost your customer's experience by providing a fascinating user experience. A simple way to think of it, is a theme being a finished, decorated living room. The layout is the walls (navigation, fonts, content and footer area). The furnishings, decorations, and also other elements put the final touches for the room that can bring everything together (interactive web elements) Have you ever decorated a room or an apartment it takes commitment to place everything together.


A template on the other hand with it's a blank canvas, that's made up of essentials, such as navigation style, font types, footer, colors and footer. It enables web page . being further customized as needed with the help of other interactive components from the truly amazing array of Weebly App Center widgets or plugins to personalize web site further. Our Templates require no additional documentation because they work in exactly the same as a Weebly theme.

We Love to Design Creative Premium Weebly themes and templates. Start, run and grow your idea with our themes and templates. - weebly premium themes and templates

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